The Tracie Martyn Wedding Guide

The Tracie Martyn Wedding Guide

For Brides, Grooms, & Everyone Celebrating 

We know you have enough planning to do when preparing for your wedding, so we didn’t want to add to the stress! It is our sole purpose at Tracie Martyn to pamper you and make you look and feel your best, ESPECIALLY for the big day. We can help you with creating a routine that works best for you and your schedule, answering any questions you have about your skin, and helping you deal with any special requests in your time of need. 💜

To Get You Started We Wanted To Answer Some Common Pre-Wedding Skincare Questions… 

Which Treatments are Recommended for the Big Day?

Red Carpet Facial® - If you have to choose one, it has to be the Red Carpet Facial. A go to before Weddings, Red Carpet Events, and Photoshoots. This facial uses Diamond-Tip microdermabrasion to gently exfoliate, a mild current using our signature Resculptor to lift, firm, contour, brighten, and depuff the jawline, cheekbones, eye area, and forehead, an Amber LED light to boost collagen, elastin, and create a radiant glow, and a hydrating Oxygen-Peptide mist. Your skin will be glowing and gorgeous! ($450, 1 Hr)

RedSculpt® Radiotightening - A perfect add-on to our Red Carpet. It boosts collagen in the deeper layers of the skin with Red LED light that revitalizes and tones. We like to say it irons out any imperfections and feels like a relaxing warm stone massage. ($200, 15 Mins)

Resculpting Body Treatment - The same current used on the face with our Resculptor for any body part that needs a lift. Clients do their arms, legs, butt, stomach, back. It helps firm and tone! ($200 per Hr, per Aesthetician)

Ruby Ray Light Treatment - This Red LED light bed is the perfect power nap during this hectic time. It helps to revitalize, tone, and smooth the skin head to toe, and can boost your energy and mood. ($150, 15 Mins)

In our Gala Glow Package we include each treatment listed above for $850!

How close to the wedding should you get your Red Carpet Facial? 

For the absolute best results, we say the day or two before. The closer to the day, the better, and more resculpting will occur after leaving within the first 24 hours! Of course there are destination weddings, and many things to plan around. Results last about 10 days to 2 weeks, so if you need to get it farther out you will be fine!

How many Red Carpet Facials produce optimal results?

For maximum results, 3 Red Carpets before are MOST ideal. Think of these as a gym for your face, so getting 3 closer together will create a cumulative more lasting result. We have packages to lower the price. 

How many Resculpting Body Treatments?

With body treatments, you will ideally want to do 2 Double Resculpting Body Treatments. This means 2 people working on you at the same time (on either side) for 1 hour twice. That will provide the maximum coverage and maximum tightening and firming. It could depend on which area you want to target, as certain areas like arms you may only need one person, so just ask reception or email us. :)

How far away should you book your last Deep Cleansing Facial?

Deep cleansings are tricky before a big event, while the Red Carpet has absolutely NO DOWNTIME, a deep cleansing facial could create a little redness, or bring something to the surface. We suggest getting any type of extraction based facial at least 1 week out from the wedding JUST IN CASE. 

What are 3 Must-Have products for the actual day?

Since we can’t be with you on your big day, we have a suggested routine for the morning of. Our Amla Purifying Cleanser and Enzyme Exfoliant are going to give you a hydrated, youthful glow, while the Eye Treatment Duo will help you look rested and revived. Even if you haven’t gotten much sleep because you’ve been entertaining, these products will make you look like you've been on vacation!

What products should you use leading up to the wedding?

If you’re looking for where to begin on your pre-wedding regime. You absolutely need a good daily cleanser and moisturizer. Our Amla Purifying Cleanser and Face Resculpting Cream are recommended by estheticians and makeup artists alike to prep, smooth, firm, and perfect the complexion. Using our Enzyme Exfoliant once or twice a week will brighten and rejuvenate, giving you that wedding glow! The Firming Serum is a fantastic for bringing out those cheekbones, adding extra hydration, and specifically targeting any under eye issue! 

Should you get a facial before or after a spray tan, wax, thread, or microblading?

Waxing, Threading, Microblading - Before! As we could always help soothe any unexpected flare-up or irritation. 

Spray Tan - After - We will gently exfoliate the skin, and you never want any exfoliation right after a spray tan! 


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