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The Treatments

*Your first appointment starts with a consultation to find your perfect facial.


We combine proprietary Beyond Microcurrent® technology with the latest skincare advancements to help you find your healthiest complexion.


Your wellness and health is of our utmost concern. We believe in safe, non-toxic skincare and treatments that improve your skin without risk.

No Downtime

Our Red Carpet and Resculpting Facials were designed for celebrities who have to step straight onto the red carpet. We're masters of the instant glow.



Resculpting Facial® (60 min, $325)

The "natural facelift" that put Tracie Martyn on the map. The most-effective electric lifting facial, tried and tested by beauty editors, A-listers, and royalty. Also known as the Sculpting Facial®, this is your go-to beauty treatment for both immediate and long-term anti-aging results. It starts with gentle-yet-effective diamond microdermabrasion with our own all-natural skincare. Next, our Resculptor® machine, exclusive to our NYC spa, emits a proprietary microcurrent to lift, firm, and contour with faster and longer-lasting results. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened, puffiness is diminished, cheekbones are rediscovered, and your jawline will look defined and sculpted. The cooling and soothing peptide-enriched oxygen mist at the end is a surefire way to get you on cloud nine while plumping and hydrating your skin. It requires no downtime, and is so relaxing most people sleep right through it!  

Recommended for: anti-aging, lifting, firming, contouring

Red Carpet Facial® (60 min, $450)

Our most popular facial, the Red Carpet Facial® is the gold standard for non-surgical anti-aging. It features crystal-free diamond microdermabrasion, Beyond Microcurrent® facial therapy, and a special anti-aging amber LED light treatment. Our proprietary microcurrent technology gives you a natural facelift while helping to speed up the production of collagen and elastin. You will immediately notice a more lifted and defined appearance and cumulative long-term benefits with continued sessions. Think of it as a gym for your face. Amber light works synergistically with our Beyond Microcurrent® technology to preserve your collagen and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving you that perfect radiant finish. This is the facial our A-list clientele rely on before any and every event. Finally, an oxygen mist supercharged with rejuvenating peptides completes this lifting and de-puffing treatment, giving you the perfect glow!

Recommended for: anti-aging, lifting, firming, contouring, pre-event glow

Purple Ray™ Facial (60 min, $350)

This all-in-one facial is a great hybrid between a firming/contouring and a pore-cleansing treatment. It combines diamond microdermabrasion, expert extractions, Beyond Microcurrent® lifting in the area of your choice, and a purple LED light therapy to simultaneously calm the skin inflammation and help stimulate collagen. Created for clients wanting to target both signs of aging and breakouts, this hard-working facial utilizes a fusion of red and blue LED light therapy (developed by NASA) that has been proven to speed up cellular energy while getting rid of acne-causing bacteria. It finishes with our beloved peptide-enriched soothing and hydrating oxygen mist. We can customize this facial to fit your unique needs. It’s the perfect way to get a taste of everything we have to offer.

Recommended for: anti-aging, acne, inflammation, lifting

Absolute Purity Diamond Facial (60 min, $250)

Our take on a deep-cleansing facial, done as gently as possible for both relaxation and rejuvenation. Each one of our expert estheticians has over 15 years of experience with extractions and will handle your skin with care and skill. This enhanced cleansing facial starts with resurfacing crystal-free microdermabrasion. Extractions are accompanied by a face, neck, and hand massage for optimal comfort and recharge. A peptide oxygen mist leaves you glowing without redness or irritation. The perfect complexion refresh with minimal downtime required!

Recommended for: acne, deep cleansing, clogged pores


Face & Body Resculpting® Fusion (60 min, price varies)

Our Face & Body Resculpting® service allows you to get the lifting, firming, and contouring benefits on both the face and the front of the body simultaneously. Get the best of both worlds by energizing your skin from head to toe with our Beyond Microcurrent® technology. Loved by our model clients before shoots and shows, this combo treatment will leave you glowing, gorgeous, and ready to take on the world. 

Recommended for: appearance of cellulite, Body Sculpting, anti-aging, contouring 


Gala Glow Package (120 min, $850)

Inspired by our clients who turn to us before the Met Gala, this head-to-toe package is perfect for brides or anyone who wants to look her best before a major event. The 2-hour treatment includes our Red Carpet Facial, RedSculpt® Radiotightening, and Ruby Ray Light Bed Therapy. Finally, clients can choose between contouring and lifting Beyond Microcurrent® Therapy on their arms or a back facial that preps the hardest-to-reach part of your body.

Recommended for: brides, pre-event glow

Ultimate Face & Body Resculpting® Package (120 min, price varies)

Two hours of pampering and transformation, this experience will leave you feeling more confident about your natural beauty. Excellent if you are in town only for a few days or before an important event where more is more in terms of beauty preparation. 


Resculpting Body Treatment (60 min, $200)

For your body, we set our Beyond Microcurrent® technology to a stronger frequency in order to lift, firm, and contour the area of your choice. Especially effective on the butt, thighs, waist and hips, the body-sculpting treatment can also be done with two estheticians at the same time, doubling the area of coverage. Immediately, you'll notice a firmer, more toned appearance along with cumulative benefits with continued sessions. Aimed at defying gravity and improving elasticity in an enjoyable way, it's like spending the day at the gym without the sweat and effort! 

Recommended for: anti-aging, lifting, firming, contouring

Double Resculpting Body Treatment (60 min, $400)

To get double the results in the same amount of time from your Resculpting Body Treatment®, try this luxurious treatment where two practitioners are making sure you get twice the pampering and lifting in just one hour.

Recommended for: cellulite, body sculpting

Back Facial "The Bacial" (30 min, $200)

Give your hard-to-reach back some TLC with a blemish-clearing back facial. Perfect for those prone to back acne, “The Bacial” starts with gentle diamond microdermabrasion and a deeply exfoliating mask with pineapple enzymes and natural AHA/BHAs. Purple LED light therapy targets bacteria and helps improve skin tone and texture. Our master estheticians will perform gentle extractions as needed. The pampering session ends with a light back massage using our natural skincare as well as a skin-plumping oxygen-peptide mist to refresh and rejuvenate.

Ruby Red Light Bed (15 min, $150)

Light years ahead of other LED Treatments—courtesy of NASA who originally discovered beneficial red light applications—the Ruby Ray® light bed is a powerful-yet-relaxing treatment that leaves you literally "re-charged" down to the cellular level. Red light is the most researched LED therapy light and has an impressive array of benefits. A tension-melting session on our red LED light bed can help stimulate collagen, accelerate skin healing, enhance hair growth, and could even lessen seasonal affective disorder. Feel free to take a power nap while you’re at it.



Resculpting Express (30 min, $200)

The 30-minute version of our signature Resculpting Facial® is perfect for if you want an intro into our Beyond Microcurrent® technology or if you’d like a quick refresh between appointments. Our expert estheticians start with diamond microdermabrasion and then focus on lifting and firming an area of your choice: either jawline/cheekbones or eye area/forehead. An oxygen-peptide mist leaves you glowing and rejuvenated. 

Recommended for: anti-aging, fine lines and wrinkles

Express Absolute Purity Diamond Facial (30 min, $175)

Hit reset on your skin in just 30 minutes with our express cleansing facial. Perfect for sneaking out during a work day and coming back dewy and refreshed. Using clarifying and purifying botanicals and even crystals with beneficial properties as active ingredients together with diamond microdermabrasion and an oxygen-peptide mist, this Oxygem™ beauty concept will leave your skin feeling and looking so much better in a surprisingly short time.

Recommended for: acne, clogged pores, cleansing

Purple Ray LED Treatment (20 min, $125)

Fight acne and aging in a flash (of red and blue LED light). Quick yet effective, results will not go unnoticed. Biologists have found that cells exposed to red LED light regenerate up to 2X faster. The light increases energy inside cells that speed up the healing process. Studies have likewise shown the effectiveness of blue LED light for removing acne-causing bacteria. Red light also has a therapeutic effect on acne-caused inflammation. Treatment includes complimentary diamond microdermabrasion and a skin-plumping oxygen-peptide mist. This treatment can be added onto any facial for added benefits.

Recommended for: anti-aging, acne, inflammation

Radiant Glow LED Treatment (20 min, $125)

Get a quick glow with amber LED light therapy, a signature component of our Red Carpet Facial. Amber LED light "charges" the skin cells in less than a minute, triggering the production of collagen and elastin. These two major skin components diminish over time, explaining the loss of elasticity and wrinkles that come with aging. Amber light also counteracts the stress enzymes that can cause wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Treatment includes complimentary diamond microdermabrasion and oxygen-peptide mist.

Recommended for: anti-aging, pre-event glow

RedSculpt® Radiotightening (20 min, $200)

This treatment combines red LED light, radio frequency, and warm heat waves to realign and stimulate collagen in the deeper layers of your skin. The perfect complement for the Red Carpet or Resculpting Facial to give you extra lifting, firming, and definition. 

Recommended for: anti-aging, fine lines and wrinkles

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