SKIN TRANSFORMATION: Checking in with Christian

SKIN TRANSFORMATION: Checking in with Christian


Last time we checked in with Christian, he had been using a full Tracie Martyn Routine for four weeks with incredible results. We followed up with Christian after six months of using his Tracie Martyn routine to completion, and the results have blown us away!

Initial Concerns: Breakouts & redness.

Morning Routine: 

1) Amla Purifying Cleanser

2) Absolute Purity Toner

3) Face Resculpting Cream

Evening Routine:

1) Amla Purifying Cleanser

2) Enzyme Exfoliant and/or Complexion Savior (once/twice weekly)

3) Absolute Purity Toner

4) Face Resculpting Cream

Even after a few weeks, Christian started noticing results while sticking to his routine.

“Over the course of a couple weeks, I have noticed a balancing in my skin’s complexion. My skin appears even, clear and my trouble spots around my chin and forehead have greatly improved.”

Standout Products: Face Resculpting Cream

For Christian’s acne-prone skin, the Face Resculpting Cream has been his holy grail product.

“I really love how light and hydrating the moisturizer is!”

Noticeable Differences:

After completing his entire routine, Christian noticed a balancing of his skin’s oil production that previously had made him feel extreme oiliness and dryness. With his skin receiving the proper amount of hydration and nourishment, it was able to more efficiently repair and heal. 

“The tone of my face is consistent and smooth.”

*All photos were taken by Christian Muller and have not been retouched.*

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