The Makeup Artists' Guide to Skincare

The Makeup Artists' Guide to Skincare


When it comes to skin, some of the best kept secrets lie in the hands of makeup artists. Constantly tasked with maintaining, perfecting, covering, sculpting, and beautifying skin of all shades, skin types, ages, and beyond, these artists are a treasure trove of tips when it comes to maximizing the potential of your skincare.

Amy Komorowski, one of the most in-demand groomers in the industry, infuses skincare into her makeup artistry to create effortless, natural beauty. Amy's TM favorite is the Face Resculpting Cream, which she says is “heavenly” (we couldn't agree more!). When incorporated into her skin prep routine, Amy loves “applying after using the toner, [which] leaves the skin plump and glowing.” Applying cream to damp skin will also help the product penetrate more deeply to deliver the maximum results. Amy notes that the cream "works really well with mixing into a foundation or concealer for more skin perfecting." This is a great technique to achieve the amount of coverage you’re looking for without leaving skin dry or looking cakey. We’re all about that effortless glow!

Makeup artist Andrew Colvin, whose work has been featured in Vogue, V Magazine, L'Official, T Magazine, Candy Magazine, and Them to name a few, loves prepping skin with our LotuSculpt Activator. He applies the Activator "as a face essence before moisturizer for an extra boost of suppleness to the skin." Andrew notes that he generally likes to use lighter weight hydrators as opposed to thicker serums before makeup as “a lot of them ball up under concealer or foundation.” Less product applied to prep the skin allows for less that could disrupt or interfere with the actual makeup application.

Texas-based makeup artist Bobby Wells has been prepping skin with Tracie Martyn products for years, noting that the line acts as the ideal canvas "because it's lightweight and not heavy," allowing for makeup to lay smoothly and naturally on the skin. Especially given his location, longevity is key: “Living here in Houston, the humidity is quite challenging and makeup clients love anything lightweight.” The Two-Step Magic Set is the perfect start and end to your skincare routine before makeup application, providing a duo that gives you a perfect base!

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