Why This Best-Selling Serum is a Summer Essential

Why This Best-Selling Serum is a Summer Essential


Do you feel that heat? Summer is here in full swing, and that means beach days, summer Fridays, and all the rosé your heart desires. It also means that when the heat approaches 90 degrees, the last thing you're going to want on your skin is a heavy layer of foundation. Instead, summer is the time to show off glowing skin (that is—glowing skin wearing sunscreen), and we can help you get there from head to toe thanks to the Resculpting Neck and Body Serum. But wait—there's more. Here's four reasons why the Resculpting Neck and Body Serum is a must for summer.


1. It's a firming body treatment

First of all, we're not about pushing "bikini bodies" or the silly notion that you have to be as cellulite free as a Victoria Secret angel. Instead, we simply support feeling your best and loving your skin, regardless of your size and shape. The Resculpting Neck and Body Serum is the best product out there for lifting and smoothing out your skin. Caffeine helps firm while active enzymes stimulate the skin for an extra perking up before you hit the beach. Into the Gloss even called it, "The only product that left me feeling immediately and noticeably spring-ier."


2. Stick it in the fridge, and it's a cooling eye treatment

Unless you have very dry skin, you're probably not going to want heavy creams and serums in the summer. Instead, try putting the Resculpting Neck and Body Serum® in the fridge for a quick-cooling treatment. This is especially great as a refreshing, de-puffing eye treatment. Plus, the silver tremella extract acts like a natural, even-better version of hyaluronic acid and draws moisture to the skin, hydrating it without weighing it down.


3. It helps improve the health of your skin and works with your sunscreen to help prevent sun damage

If you spent a little too much time in the sun, you're going to need to give your skin a little extra love. The serum is packed with antioxidants that help fight free radicals and a special pumpkin extract that counteracts environmental damage, a cause of premature aging. The Resculpting Neck and Body Serum® also contains natural peptide L-Carnosine, which protects skin proteins from glycating sugars responsible for premature aging. Follow it up with your favorite sunscreen, and you're good to go!


4. It's so lightweight, it goes on like silk

Silky-smooth and oh-so-lightweight, the Resculpting Neck and Body Serum® feels like you're wearing nothing at all—which is exactly what you want for those hot summer months.



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