A Tracie Martyn hero oil, black currant seed oil is a precious seed oil extracted and cold-pressed from the currant shrub. Struggling with any kind of flakiness or irritation but dislike too-heavy oils? Thanks to its unique lipid composition, black currant seed oil is your BFF. Made up of mostly essential fatty acids, it absorbs deeply into your skin, healing and boosting your natural skin barrier without greasiness.

Black currant seed oil can boost your skin’s natural barrier

Black currant seed oil mainly consists of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that cannot be made naturally by your body but is a key component in your outermost skin barrier. If you lack essential fatty acid in your skin, it can lead to scaliness, irritation, and dryness. Enter: black currant seed oil. It’s one of the main ingredients in the Tracie Martyn Face Resculpting Cream, and it’s a nourishing skin hero that can help protect against environmental aggressors and reinforce your skin's barrier. Think of it like a little booster for your skin’s natural capabilities.

Black currant seed oil can address visible signs of aging

Visible signs of aging are accelerated due to environmental damage—sun exposure, pollution, and oxidative stress. Black currant seed oil is naturally rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and E as well as polyphenols, which help protect your skin from those environmental stressors. 

Black currant seed oil is great for blemish-prone skin

Yes, an oil can be great for blemish-prone skin! Acne patients have been shown to generally have lower levels of linoleic acid, and this is thought to contribute to acne formation.[1] Studies have indicated that topically applying linoleic acid may help alleviate mild acne and reduce clogged pores.[2] This might be because linoleic acid can help aid your skin’s natural exfoliation process and also help regulate your sebum.[3]

How to use black currant seed oil in skincare

Because linoleic acid-rich oils tend to go bad quickly, it’s crucial to find a product with good formulation and packaging. Organic black currant seed oil is one of the main ingredients in the Tracie Martyn Face Resculpting Cream, and it's boosted with protective antioxidants like Vitamin C and organic green tea extract that help keep it active and fresh, while further protecting your skin from visible signs of aging. In terms of packaging, it’s housed in a dark, opaque bottle that prevents light from destabilizing the product, while the airless pump keeps it away from oxygen. Use it day and night for the best results.

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