They say if you incant the words “tremella fuciformis” with the flick of a wand, all your skincare dreams come true. OK—while we can’t promise we didn’t totally make this up, we can vouch that tremella fuciformis, aka, snow mushroom or silver ear mushroom, is a near-magic skincare ingredient. It’s been used in Eastern remedies for centuries, so we think it’s about time to shine a spotlight on this skin-saving powerhouse. 

What is snow mushroom and how does it work in skincare?

The gelatinous snow mushroom looks more like something you’d find in the Great Barrier Reef than your average mushroom. We like to say that it’s a natural, even-better version of hyaluronic acid because, like hyaluronic acid, it pulls moisture to the skin when applied topically. Snow mushroom can hold up to 500 times its weight in water (half that of its hyaluronic acid counterpart) but it excels because its particles are smaller and can penetrate the skin more easily for intense hydration. Snow mushroom also contains polysaccharides, which are anti-inflammatory and increase the functionality of the skin barrier by preventing water loss.[1]

Skincare benefits of snow mushroom extract

Deep hydration doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of a thick, pore-clogging cream. Snow mushroom extract is lightweight, and when used regularly, products that contain this ingredient have the ability to deeply hydrate, improve elasticity, and calm redness. Snow mushroom extract is also an excellent anti-aging ingredient, especially because the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is directly related to lack of elastin, which decreases with age. By helping the skin to maintain a higher water content, skin will appear naturally plump with enhanced elasticity. 

Snow mushroom extract in the Resculpting Neck & Body Serum

There are quite a few benefits to using snow mushroom extract in our Resculpting Neck and Body Serum®. Because of its plumping properties, it perfectly complements our Electriol® Complex, which helps to increase the look of elasticity. Combined with caffeine, all three ingredients come together to reduce puffiness and stimulate the skin for a firm, lifted appearance. Snow mushroom extract also works well with oat kernel extract to nourish and protect the skin by creating a natural barrier and locking in moisture. And don’t let the name fool you—our Resculpting Neck and Body Serum® doubles as a face serum. No matter where you use it, you’ll notice tighter, smoother-feeling skin over time.

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