Welcome to Rituals, a series in which we ask our inspiring clients and friends to let us in on the rituals that make up their day. Haley Sacks (@MrsDowJones) has gained over 200,000 Instagram followers thanks to her ability to make financial literacy as entertaining as an episode of the Real Housewives. In a world dominated by men in suits, Haley is a relatable breath of fresh air. Here are the rituals that make up her day.

The Rituals Questionnaire


Haley Sacks, AKA, Mrs. Dow Jones

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Morning Ritual

I wake up at 4:45 AM to take time for myself before the world starts. Which yes, sounds crazy early, but if I don't schedule in this self-care time it just won't happen. The full ritual is a secret but I will tell you this much: I do oil pulling, I workout, I drink tea, I journal, I meditate, and (my favorite) I read!

Night Ritual

I can't sleep unless I take a hot bath. It's my favorite thing. I am 5'10" and barely fit in my NYC rental apartment tub, but I dump in my epsom salts nightly and make it work. I buy my epsom salts in bulk. I am all about being financially savvy—I am Mrs. Dow Jones! And bath salts can really add up. But I get 10 pound bags and lug them upstairs, and it's the best. Then I crawl into bed, read for 10 minutes and pass out. Sometimes I will have a cup of Sakara sleep tea in the tub as well. But usually I am reading on my iPad in the bath, which is precarious enough, so we don't need to add tea into that too. 

Skincare Ritual

I love Tracie Martyn products. So basically, everything I use is from their line. I always start with the Amla Purifying Cleanser. I have never loved a product more. I could drink it. Then 2-3 days a week at night, I use the enzyme mask. Then I do the Firming Serum and Face Resculpting Cream. And for daytime I also apply a mineral sunscreen! 

Wellness & Workout Ritual

I love Melissa Wood Health, Peloton and Forward Space. I have two sisters and a mom, and we share our passwords to whatever virtual workouts we are loving, which is great. During COVID, it's been important to take time to clear my head and move my body. For at-home wellness, I splurged on the sauna blanket from Higher Dose, which I use a few days a week. And I work with a lot of coaches. I have a meditation teacher. I am in therapy.

Happiness Ritual

I got a puppy recently, Mystery. He makes me feel so present and happy. I love him. Also, seeing friends is my happiness ritual. I try to see friends at least four times a week—they make me so happy. And I love my family. I have a text thread with my family where we send pictures of our dogs and it makes me smile a lot. 

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