When it comes to natural skincare ingredients, the amla berry (otherwise known as Indian gooseberry) is an all-around superstar. Celebrated in Ayurvedic medicine—a system of natural healing originating in India—Indian gooseberry is often taken as a supplement thanks to its high vitamin C content and unique ability to enhance food absorption. Amazingly, it’s also been found to be incredibly beneficial when applied topically in skincare. Here, we break down three reasons why amla fruit extract is a skincare ingredient you shouldn't sleep on.

Amla fruit is a powerful source of vitamin C

You’ve probably heard how vital vitamin C is in a skincare routine if you’re looking for radiant, even skin. Vitamin C brightens your complexion, helps fade hyperpigmentation, and even protects your skin from the damaging effects of age and pollution. Amla fruit is one of the most concentrated natural sources of vitamin C in the world, containing up to 20 times the amount vitamin C than an orange. Unlike synthetic vitamin C, Amla fruit extract also includes phytonutrients that many believe make it more bioavailable. The vitamin C in Amla fruit is bonded with tannins, which protects it from being destroyed by heat or light, meaning it stays effective for longer.

Amla fruit is an anti-aging powerhouse

The Amla fruit’s incredibly high antioxidant abilities make it an anti-aging hero. In skincare, we talk about antioxidants a lot, and for good reason. Antioxidants hold the key to youthful skin. They protect your skin from free radicals—volatile molecules that disrupt collagen and cause things like wrinkles and sun spots. Regular use of antioxidant-rich serums like the Firming Serum (which has amla berry extract in it along with other potent antioxidants) may prevent DNA damage over time.

In 2008, a Japanese study found that Amla fruit extract helped stimulate pro-collagen (a precursor to collagen in the skin) when applied to the skin.[1] Another study found that it protected the skin against collagen damage when exposed to UV rays. Basically, it’s an anti-aging superstar![2]

Amla fruit extract in skincare

Both the Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser and Firming Serum contain Indian gooseberry extract to help boost your skin’s radiance and even your complexion. For the most powerful effects, we recommend using both in tandem for your day and night routine.

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