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How To Glow Up the Men in Your Life


With Father’s Day around the corner, many may be thinking about how to properly spoil the men in our lives (father, brother, significant other, dog-dad). Many guys fall into the category of skincare skeptics -- although they face just as many skin-related issues, sometimes it takes a special person to hand them the tools of the trade. That’s where the Absolute Purity Toner comes in handy. This toner-essence hybrid is the answer to an abundance of skin woes that may face the average male client, so let’s break down the many uses of our Absolute Purity Toner.


When it comes to shaving, gentle products are the best to reach for. That’s why our Absolute Purity Toner is formulated without the use of harsh alcohol, which can leave skin dry and dehydrated. We opt for natural astringents like witch hazel and lavender water to cleanse skin without stripping, and add in ingredients like willow herb known to have soothing and antioxidant effects on skin. After shaving, take two-to-three pumps of the Absolute Purity Toner and pat directly into clean skin.


Acne does not discriminate based on gender, and it’s always helpful to have a product on hand to treat, soothe, and prevent breakouts when they come. Azelaic acid works to effectively reduce redness and even skin tone, while antimicrobial olive leaf extract prevents future breakouts. We recommend saturating a cotton pad with the Absolute Purity Toner and pressing it into the affected area, leaving it on for a minute or so to allow for effective product absorption. 


Prevention is the key to a glowing complexion, and antioxidants are the name of the game. Environmental stressors and pollution are major contributors to premature aging, and our Absolute Purity Toner houses a myriad of antioxidant-rich ingredients like white tea leaf extract, that help to neutralize free radical damage. Research suggests that the less oxidative stress on the skin, the more we get to hang on to that precious collagen and elastin for firm, healthy skin.

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