How to Avoid Acne and Dry, Dull Skin While Flying

How to Avoid Acne and Dry, Dull Skin While Flying


As exciting as it is to jet off to places unknown, traveling isn’t always the kindest on your skin. As soon as you step onto a plane, stale cabin air starts drying out your skin, leaving you dull and dehydrated post-flight. Plus, traveling can be stressful—an inconsistent schedule, packing, being trapped in an enclosed space with strangers—and stress is never great for our skin. Luckily for all you frequent flyers, we asked our team of skincare experts for their travel skincare secrets. (Hint: start with this Clear Skies Ahead Travel Set.)

Before you leave, prep your skin

“Either the night or morning before a flight, I always make sure to give myself a mini facial at home to hydrate and moisturize my skin as much as possible. I exfoliate with the Enzyme Exfoliant—exfoliating helps ensure that your skin absorbs your serums and moisturizers properly—and then follow up with a thin layer of the Firming Serum and seal it all in with the Face Resculpting Cream.” — Carol, VP of Sales

Protect your skin from dry cabin air


“Pressurized airplane air is insanely dry. That means it starts pulling moisture out of your skin, leaving it dry and dull. Everyone at Tracie Martyn uses the Complexion Savior when they fly. You put on a thin layer of the mask on the plane—make sure your skin and hands are clean—and then it forms a hydrating film over your skin that helps protect it from the dry air throughout your flight. Simply wash it off once you land, and you’ll notice that your skin is soft, balanced, and glowing.” — Irina, Esthetician


Avoid face mists


“I’ve seen a huge increase of people using face mists during the flight, but a lot of times this is actually doing more harm than good! The majority of face mists out there are mostly water, and water just causes more evaporation of moisture (water attracts water), so your skin can end up drier when you’re misting on the plane. Instead, drink tons of water, and opt for heavier hydrating products with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and botanical oils that will trap water and prevent it from evaporating from your skin.” — Cassandra, Esthetician


Watch out for airplane acne


“So many of my clients complain about acne after they get back from a trip. Something about the dry airplane air combined with the stress of traveling always seems to cause breakouts! I always recommend using the Absolute Purity Toner every day to prevent breakouts, as the azelaic acid in it is antibacterial and helps prevent pores from becoming clogged. Definitely don’t skip out on your regular routine just because you’re traveling.” — Yoshiko, Esthetician



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