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Client Spotlight: Rhonda's TM Journey 🌟
How long have you been using Tracie Martyn?
RHONDA: 3 years
How has your relationship with skincare changed as you age?
RHONDA: My skin has become drier and duller as I have aged, despite my attempts at increased water intake, so I need to make more of an effort to keep it hydrated. I am also more careful to stay out of the sun, given early skin damage from sun exposure and I now take more time to care for my skin.
How has skincare helped your self-confidence?
RHONDA: There is nothing better than when someone (especially a skin care professional, but basically anyone) says you have great skin! It makes me feel like I am glowing from the inside out and I think it reflects a healthy and happy person. I am trying to age gracefully, so good skincare that helps me accomplish this and have others notice this is wonderful.
What do you look for in skincare products?
RHONDA: Ingredients, ease, good reviews etc. I look for recommendations from those I trust, whether it be friends, family, or skin care professionals. Sometimes I like to switch products or mix and match but not overdo it (which is easy), so sometimes simpler is better. If I find
something I like, I usually stick with it and the brand.
What are your must-have items from the line?
RHONDA: I love all the products in the Tracie Martyn line, so this is a tough question since I use them for different reasons. I love the Resculpting Neck & Body Serum since I am a bit self-conscious about my neck and it makes it feel firm and smooth, but the serum is a go-to for me. Because my skin is drier, the Enzyme Exfoliant is a must have as well.
What is a self-care ritual you can’t live without?
RHONDA: Taking time to enjoy the smell and feel of placing products on my skin (no rushing). I love the feel, both during and after, exfoliation.
How have you noticed your skin change after using Tracie Martyn products?
RHONDA: Yes, I have had consistently smooth, firm, and hydrated skin. Unlike many other products, I have never had an issue with irritation (even after application of retinol which tends to make my skin very sensitive).

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