Tracie Martyn Light Therapy Packages

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Excellent as an add-on to any facial or treatment or on its own, LED light therapy is incredibly healing for your skin. Exposure to red LED light is proven to simultaneously heal and tone your skin. With continued visits, the red LED light will begin to realign the collagen in the deep layers of your skin for a firmed, lifted, and defined appearance.


Our cutting-edge RedSculpt Radiotightening facial treatment combines red LED light, radio frequency, and gentle heat waves to realign and stimulate collagen in the deeper layers of your skin for extra lifting, firming, and definition. For a full-body treatment, try our Ruby Ray® Light Bed to help stimulate collagen, accelerate skin healing, enhance hair growth, and even help with seasonal affective disorder. Both treatments are great on their own, but even better paired with one of our facial packages.


Packages never expire, and you can book at your own convenience.