LotuSculpt Activator® Peptide Water

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A wrinkle-softening, hydrating water that can be used on its own or with the LotuSculpt® Eye Pads for an under-eye treatment. This formula activates the eye pads' anti-aging effect to firm and brighten the eye area, minimizing the appearance of dark circles. Packed with anti-aging Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid, the refreshing youth water plumps the skin to smooth wrinkles and discourage the formation of expression lines. Free of alcohol, harsh chemicals and irritating preservatives. 

Expert Tips

  • Wet the LotuSculpt® Eye Pads with this youth-giving water for a plumping eye treatment.
  • Splash it on after cleansing as an ultra-light water essence
  • Transfer it to a spray bottle and spritz it on as a hydrating face mist throughout the day

2 fl oz / 60ml