Why Natural/Organic


Enzyme Exfoliant Natural skincareIn an environmentally challenged world, it is paradoxical to further burden our health and our planet by using man-made chemicals in skin care originating from the petro-chemical industry. The oil industry is the source of these synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, plastics, dyes, fragrances and silicones. As a result of the demand from our educated clients, including Hollywood celebrities and green activists, who are very informed about maintaining a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle while being under the pressure of looking fantastic for their profession, we have decided to create a line of products that combines anti-aging technology with a formulation that is 100% free of harsh industrial chemicals. In our research we have come across synthetic chemicals that are clearly harmful, however, widely used in the cosmetic industry. Proponents of the use of these substances claim that the concentration of these chemicals are very low in cosmetics and therefore of no concern.

We believe that in this day and age it is unnecessary to burden our bodies and the environment with pollutants.

Even so these chemicals are in ingredientsmost personal care products; we are not meaning to “point fingers”. Instead, we plan to educate our customers so that they have a free choice whether they want to subject themselves to any potential risk and further increase the burden on our planet.

Education in the nutritional field has helped many people to make healthier choices and prevent heart disease and other conditions. Education about global warming has revealed the importance of seeking alternative, clean energy sources.

Perhaps personal care is ready for a revolution as well.

It may seem secondary but if you consider the tons of bulk personal care product that are produced yearly one can realize the exposure is not minimal. Our rule is simple, if the ingredients are substances found in nature, they are biodegradable and can be incorporated into the planets ever changing life cycle. Our skin cells just like the micro-organisms that break down natural waste "understand" these chemicals and can utilize them or break them down. The opposite is true with most man-made artificial chemicals that accumulate in our oceans and perhaps in our bodies as well.

We believe in terms of ingredient safety "when in doubt, leave them out" as opposed to "where is the indisputable proof that this substance can harm us and the environment".

It is up to you to decide.


We formulate with bio-compatible natural and organic ingredients and avoid petro-chemicals

Our boxes are FSC Certified and printed with Soy Ink.


"Although determined to use all-natural products in her facials, Martyn and her nutritionist partner Marius Moraiu were not convinced of the efficacy of the available ranges, especially for older clients. So they developed their own, marrying natural ingredients with high-tech cosmeceutical components, without any parabens or industrial chemicals. Today Martyn has a celebrity following to make other brands weep, because, as she explains simply, " The products do work." Stars such as Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Susan Sarandon and Kate Winslet openly swear by her facials and stock their beauty cupboards with her goodies."

— Australian VOGUE