Celebrity facialist and organic skin care expert Tracie Martyn firmly believes that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put into them. That's why her product line and treatments contain and work with ingredients that not only benefit the skin, but also have no harmful effects on our physical health. The skin is, after all, our largest organ, and what we put onto it is absorbed into our bodies. Our products are free of petro-chemicals, parabens, and sulphates, because we know that these harmful ingredients, which are used in large part by the beauty industry, wreak havoc and your health, which, in turn, shows through on your skin. What sets Tracie Martyn apart as a leader among the natural, organic beauty world is not only her dedication to maintaining the integrity of her brand, but also how her line and treatments use science to create synergistic blends that truly deliver immediate results. Her treatments and product line are the result of thorough research and deliver a bigger impact to your skin than non-organic, chemical laden luxury skin care. As we become more and more informed on the effects of these petro-chemicals, which not only harm your health but also harm the planet, it is a no-brainer to take the all-natural route, especially one that guarantees dramatic results to transform your skin.


Protect your skin: Sun protection before leaving home. I like Shideido’s foundation because it has SPF 20, plus it goes on quickly and helps to even out skin. It’s also important to use an exfoliant every other day to get rid of dead skin cells.
Eat right: Naturally. Remember that everything you put in your mouth affects your skin. Too much refined sugar can weaken collagen and create brown spots, so try a sweetener like honey instead. I supplement a protein- and antioxidant-rich diet with carnitine, a fat burning amino acid; carnosine, a peptide that prevents collagen and elastic fibers from becoming brittle; and bilberry extract, a natural antioxidant. 
Hydrate: Lots and lots of water and green tea. I add a teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll to my morning Fiji. It works as an anti-inflammatory to help soothe skin.
Know your products ingredients: Read the labels on skincare products and avoid petrochemicals like mineral oil and synthetic fragrances. 
De-stress: Don't go to sleep stressed. It shows up on your skin the next day. A few minutes of meditation helps calm the mind.