5 Reasons Why A-List Celebrities and Real-Life Royalty Are Seeking Out This Iconic Tracie Martyn Skincare Mask

Here are the big five reasons why everyone from movie-stars, Met Gala attendees, and royal family members around the world do whatever it takes to get their hands on Tracie Martyn's high-performing clean skincare products.

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1. It's a 15-Minute Facial-in-a-Box

Designed by experts who do transformative facials on A-list celebrities on a daily basis, the active ingredients in the Enzyme Exfoliant Mask get to work immediately when applied to the skin. These ingredients promote instant brightening and minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pores.

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2. It's made with nutrition-inspired ingredients

The Enzyme Exfoliant Mask contains high-quality ingredients that help break down dead skin cells for a bright and even complexion. This overachieving mask packs in a gentle AHA/BHA complex, pineapple enzymes, and volcanic minerals for all three major types of exfoliation.

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3. Benefit from 25+ years of A-List beauty experience

The Enzyme Exfoliant Mask was created by a Celebrity Facialist and a Holistic Nutritionist. Together, they've spent over 2 decades rejuvenating the world’s most recognizable faces.

Comparison of woman's skin before and after 14 days of skincare product use.

4. Brings instant results, even for sensitive skin

The ingredients in the Enzyme Exfoliant Mask are gentle on the skin while producing world-class results, and can be used by anyone. This mask uses botanical actives and vitamins that combine wellness and technology for instant and long-term results.

5. Used by Hollywood Stars

Our products are some of the only skincare products trusted by the most looked-at people in the world. When they have to be camera-ready, they trust Tracie Martyn. Because of this, others do too — and they quickly learn to settle for nothing less.

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