Purple Ray™ Facial, Best LED Facial courtesy of NASA technology

The Purple Ray Facial™ is an amazing light therapy facial treatment that combines age-defying technology with purifying methods to attain a clear complexion, while using our organic skin care to help turn back the clock. It was created to meet the demand of our clients who were looking for anti-aging skin care to address signs of aging especially around the eye area, but also experiencing break-outs due to excessive make-up applications, diet, hormones, or stress. At the core of this Facial treatment is the combination of red LED lights (amazing regenerative effects were found in studies done by NASA) and blue light emitting diode lights (proven to improve acne), administered simultaneously to effectively address blemishes while helping the regeneration process and speeding up healing. Our gentle, very targeted, extraction process leaves the complexion immaculate, while also helping to achieve smooth skin. The Purple Ray Facial proceeds through a variety of replenishing, relaxing, and healing protocols that include our purifying, yet hydrating and skin evening, uber-mask, the Complexion Savior, our proprietary lifting process with the trademarked Resculptor® equipment to target wrinkles, lack of elasticity, and puffiness around the eye area, and is completed with an anti-aging, cooling, and soothing peptide enhanced oxygen mist--a truly transformative beauty experience. 60 Minutes.

“Designed specifically for clients and celebrities (such as Kate Winslet and Julianna Margulies) who want to tackle signs of aging as well as the occasional breakout, this treatment gets its name from the simultaneous use of red and blue LED lights, which speed cell turnover and kill bacteria. After we spent 20 minutes under the rays, Martyn applied a hydrating mask, then ran noninvasive electrical currents over our face to boost circulation. To finish, she spritzed on a refreshing, peptide-rich oxygen mist. The result of all the effort: an immediate improvement in our skin's tone and texture.” Allure

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