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Patience may be a virtue, but instant gratification is what we all desire. And facialist Tracie Martyn and her partner, Marius Morariu, specialize in fulfilling beauty dreams, The New York-based couple (professional and personal) have developed a line of services and products, most notable the Resculpting Facial, favored by celebrities such as Madonna and Penelope Cruz as an indispensable pre-event treatment-which took years to perfect but offers immediate results. "He's a real purist," says Martyn of Morariu, who has a background in nutrition and invests copious time and research into the development of their high-quality, all-natural products. The payoff: a fan base that reads like a CAA client roster, thanks also to Martyn's hands-on service and the duo's shared, long-standing passion for earth-friendly, non-petroleum-based ingredients. With the launch this month of their Resculpting Body Lotion-containing black-currant lipids, green tea, Bulgarian rose water, and amino acids- Morariu and Martyn fulfill yet another quick fix fantasy. "[It's] a super - luxurious body cream that smells amazing and is moisturizing and hydrating," says Martyn. "And it really does slim you down." Clients will most certainly want to test such claims for themselves; luckily the line is not just for pop stars and actresses. As Morariu says, it's also for "regular people who want to look good as soon as possible." In other words: get in line. -Eve Epstein

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