The Joy Friends: Issue 01

The Joy Friends: Issue 01

During uncertain times like these, it's all the more important to find moments of joy. Science suggests happiness and laughter can boost your immune system—plus, who doesn't need a distraction these days? Every week, we're sharing a handful of things that are making us happy. Let's be joy friends! 


Ordering a drink from Bradbucks. 

What has gotten me the most through social distancing is stylist Brad Goreski and his husband Gary Janetti’s daily Instagram series Bradbucks. The two created a makeshift "Starbucks" in their home, and Brad’s journey to get Gary’s order right has me crying with laughter every single time. — Emmy, Director of Client Relations


Working off spare energy with The Class. 

Taryn Toomey's famous fitness-meets-spirituality classes are streaming every day. Get sweaty and shouty.

Enjoying better-than-the-movies popcorn. 

Topped with nutritional yeast, stovetop popcorn is a guilt-free snack that's absurdly easy to make at home. Get creative with your toppings and never miss movie theater popcorn again.


Finding comfort in a Japanese cooking show. 

To unwind from a day of not leaving my apartment, I drink wine and watch Cooking With Dog, a Youtube series I can’t stop watching. It's strangely therapeutic. I day dream of being half as good at cutting and cooking as this woman and her dog. — Lane, Operations Assistant


Binging shows with strong female characters. 

We're getting strength from the badass women of TV, from newer shows like Little Fires Everywhere and Killing Eve to old classics like Gilmore Girls. (Jess and Rory forever!)


Listening to Sir Patrick Stewart read Shakespeare.

The legendary actor has started reading sonnets on Twitter. Let his deep baritone soothe your soul.


xx Team Tracie Martyn

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