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How to Properly Store and Care For Your Skincare Products

Properly storing your precious skincare products is essential for making sure they stay effective until the very last drop. Although it may seem unimportant, leaving your skincare products in certain environments can speed up oxidation—the process by which compounds break down when exposed to air and light—making them less effective, quicker to turn, and more likely to cause potential irritation. At Tracie Martyn, our clean formulas include natural stabilizers and are packaged in airless bottles in order to preserve efficacy. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your skincare fresher for longer!

Keep your skincare away from sunlight

Direct sunlight can heat up the skincare product and cause the formulation to break down more quickly. This process makes ingredients less effective over time and, especially when it comes to natural ingredients, can cause a product to turn quicker. The easiest way to protect your skincare is to keep them in the cabinet or drawer. If you live in a small NYC apartment like a lot of us, this behind-the-door cabinet is a game-changer! 

Keep your skincare tightly sealed

Oxidation can occur rapidly if your skincare products are left open and exposed to air (oxygen, duh!). Especially when formulating with ingredients such as Vitamin C, which can be unstable, it’s important to reduce exposure to air as much as possible. The majority of Tracie Martyn products are packaged with airless pumps to reduce oxidation and keep the formula active for longer. (Side note: we also formulate with THD Ascorbate, which is a newer, more-stable form of Vitamin C.) When using products in jars, scoop out what you’re planning on using with clean hands or a spatula, and close the jar tightly immediately. The Enzyme Exfoliant also includes a little disk that helps keep air out.

Store your skincare at room temperature or cooler

Skincare products are best left at room temperature, where they won’t experience extreme temperature changes. Fluctuation in temperature can tamper with the stability of skincare formulations, and can even alter the texture of products that include ingredients like plant oils or butters. (Who hasn’t left their lip balm in a hot car and came back to a goopy mess?!)

Don't keep your skincare in the bathroom

Although it may seem most convenient, keeping your skincare in the medicine cabinet is actually not the best idea. The constant warmth from showering and bathing can heat up your skincare and possibly damage formulations. The condensation in smaller spaces can also make its way into skincare products that aren’t tightly sealed and can contribute to bacterial growth and molding.

For extra de-puffing, keep eye treatments in the fridge

Although not necessary, storing some of your favorite treatments in the fridge can boost their ability to soothe and de-puff. This can be especially useful for eye treatments, since it can help address under-eye bags. The fridge will also protect products from sun exposure or extreme heat. We especially love to keep the Resculpting Neck & Body Serum (for patting underneath the eyes!), the Complexion Savior, or the LotuSculpt Activator in the refrigerator to boost their soothing, anti-inflammatory effects while helping to topically de-puff and hydrate.

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