Meet Tracie

Thank you for your interest in my brand. I have been fortunate to embark on this great beauty journey early in my life and am grateful to all my mentors. I loved the artistry of doing make-up and still do. However, I feel blessed to have created a concept that makes you look like your most youthful, rested self using only skin stimulating and supporting beauty technologies and gentle yet effective natural and organic ingredients that truly deliver results.

 Not unlike other entrepreneurs, I created my Resculpting Facial because the only way to get to look better when I was working with models and actresses as a makeup artist was to get a face lift or some other invasive procedure at the dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  I knew there was a way to merge beauty and wellness (well-being, relaxation and the nourishment of traditional spa rituals) without losing the efficacy and immediate results desired by my clients from the entertainment industry. With the help of my partner, Marius Morariu, and a custom manufacturer, my proprietary equipment, the Resculptor, was born. Together, with multi-colored LED light technology, crystal-free microdermabrasion, oxygen and my unique skin care products, the Resculptor helps to create amazing results in improving the appearance of the face and this time without discomfort, pain ,or neon lights, but rather in a beautiful, serene and calming environment. I wanted to shift that paradigm of "no pain-no gain" and create beauty through wellness and vice versa.

In regards to my skincare, both my partner, who has a nutritionist degree, and myself, a certified yoga teacher (many models, stylists and designers I worked with in the fashion industry think of me as a Pioneer of Purity as I inspired them to live a healthier and more conscious life) knew we "had to go pure" with the skincare products we retailed in our spa.

Unfortunately, the only line that was all-natural that wholesaled to spas was not effective enough for our more mature clients. One of my first clients, designer Diane von Furstenberg, shared this with me and indirectly motivated me to collaborate with Marius, my partner, who has the science background to create our own skincare line. We had no idea we were about to revolutionize the industry, simply believing that there is a way to make the "natural be effective" and the "effective be pure" in regards to beauty, and bring natural products (most were under-performing) found almost exclusively in health food stores to a wider audience like our clients who were looking for high performance, luxurious skin care.

After several years of R&D and being told by many custom manufacturers that what we want is "impossible", that paraben-free, for instance, will not work or that we should focus on packaging, we overcame this huge hurdle when we came up with a new way of formulating and found a lab willing to "see if it works".

Shifting the Paradigm of Performance and Purity, the First Luxury Natural Skin Care brand that combined effective cosmeceuticals including vitamins and phytonutrients with organic botanicals and essential oils, was born. It also does help that they smell delicious and feel amazing on the skin.

We hope you enjoy our unique services and beauty products as much as we and our current clients and customers do (many have been enjoying the ever evolving and improving services for nearly two decades and the products since they launched) and are always willing to listen and continue to innovate to better serve you.

All our very best,