New Spa Guidelines, For Us and You

New Spa Guidelines, For Us and You

We truly cannot wait to have you all back in our salon. In order to make that happen and to give you the absolute best care, here is what we plan to do for you, as well as what we ask of you to keep our clientele and staff as safe as possible. 

We have already had many of the protocols below in place, but we feel it is important to highlight them, so that you understand how seriously we are taking your safety. We may change protocols depending on NYC regulations or CDC recommendations, but we will always keep you updated.


What We're Doing For You

  • In addition to having our salon cleaned professionally every day, each esthetician will be cleaning between every single client. We have allotted extra time between each treatment, so that the estheticians can wash up and sanitize the room. 

  • We will disinfect all shared surfaces between each client, including bathrooms, counters, and doorknobs.

  • We will be staggering appointments so that clients are not coming in or out at the same time. You will most likely only see your individual esthetician and whoever is at reception when you enter the salon.

  • We will not be taking any walk-in appointments for now.

  • We will be changing linens between every appointment and will place a disposable sheet overtop of linens for extra protection.

  • Our estheticians will keep all of their personal items out of the treatment rooms and fully change—including shoes!—into treatment-only clothing before starting the day.

  • Each treatment room will have wipes, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, paper towels, and tissues.

  • We will no longer keep out product testers, but we will have pre-made samples for anyone who asks!

  • We will be taking the temperature of each employee before they start work for the day.

  • Everyone working in the salon will be tested for COVID-19 every two weeks, and we will be asking our employees to confirm daily that they have no symptoms and have not come into contact with anyone who has tested positive.

  • Estheticians will be wearing a face mask and a new pair of gloves for EVERY treatment. Face shields are available for your comfort and theirs. 


What We Ask Of You

  • Per our landlord, no one is allowed to enter the building without a mask, and the lobby already contains social distancing marks to help keep everyone safe. Please wait for the next elevator if the two elevators are both used in a way that makes social distancing impossible.

  • Upon entering the salon, we will provide each client with a fresh pair of gloves and a disinfectant mat for your shoes.

  • We ask that all clients please wash their hands upon entering the space and wear a mask up until and immediately after their treatment.

  • Please book all appointments in advance, as we will not be offering any walk-in appointments at this time.

  • We will be taking credit card information for payment over the phone in advance, and you will be charged after the appointment is completed. You can still add gratuity or products at checkout, and we can still provide you with a printed receipt if needed. We will provide individual stylus pens for a  touch-free checkout. 

  • For the time being, if you pay in cash, we will no longer be able to provide change. You can pay in total or just for gratuity if you have exact change. We also accept gratuity by credit card.

  • We will be removing self-serve items temporarily, but we will have bottled water upon request.

  • We ask that you please cancel your appointment if you are feeling sick and are waiving all cancellation fees for now. Kindly understand that we are taking the position of catering to our most-fragile and at-risk client in order to ensure everybody’s safety. That means, while we respect that you may have a very strong immune system and/or are not worried at all, your meticulous adherence to our protocols will make any anxious clients feel at ease. Our goal is to please and protect everybody. So even if you just have a cold or hayfever, if you are sneezing and coughing, kindly cancel and stay at home.

  • With our confirmation texts, we will be sending a quick questionnaire to confirm that neither you or anyone close to you has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.


Some of these protocols will be permanent and some temporary as we navigate this transition period. We would love to hear your feedback about anything that would make you feel safer and anything that would make you feel even more excited to come back. You can send any thoughts, questions, or concerns to or text 212-206-9333.


We love you, we appreciate you, and we will see you when you are ready!