5 Treatments Our Editors Always Get in the Winter

5 Treatments Our Editors Always Get in the Winter

Trust me when we say that the winter in NYC this year will be very cold! the kind of weather that makes you stay an extra hour in bed and slather on buckets of moisturizer, beneath a cocoon of cashmere and wool. Let's consider other options aside from chapstick as your #1 beauty purchase this winter.  We recommend our signature head to toe Ruby Ray LED light treatment, which serves as the perfect winter escape from the cold. Its a rejuvenating treatment using NASA technology  proven to treat seasonal affective disorder, while stimulating collagen in your skin, it also helps minimize fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, diminished freckles, age spot, and acne inflammation.

Of course we also suggest  jumpstarting your spring-cleaning skin- care routine with a facial!  As Executive Managing Editor of NewBeauty, Liz Ritter says,“Regular facials admittedly seem indulgent, and in all honesty, I don’t really enjoy getting them because my mind always seems to be going a million miles an hour while I’m on the table, but this is my top skin care splurge in the winter. I don’t need a pampering one—I just need someone to get in there, get going with the extractions and get me on my way. I love Tracie Martyn because you literally leave looking like you’ll never need makeup again."

We hear ya Liz! Thanks for the shoutout! If you would like to hear more of the various editor approved skincare treatments for this winter, head on over to NewBeauty.

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