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Cellulite isn't partial to age, weight, or race. It's no wonder the 80 percent of women plagued with the condition might sell their firstborn to get rid of it. While there's still no foolproof cure, new breakthroughs help diminish dimpling (and keep your family intact).

Two Weeks: for short-term relief, the latest crop of caffeine-infused sculpting gels, slimming scrubs, and firming creams promise to help drain water retention for a toned effect. Diane von Furstenberg and Cyndi Lauper get their fix with regular Resculpting Body Treatments-which involves getting zapped by a mild electrical current to stimulate lymphatic drainage-at Tracie Martyn's Manhattan spa. At home, Liv Tyler swears by Martyn's Resculpting Body Serum, made with coenzyme A and seaweed extract, that claims to firm up saddlebags.

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