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Shanti Space Lift Mist

We are thrilled to introduce the first pure, all-natural and luxurious room fragrance on the market. Our celebrity clients repeatedly commented on the beautiful scent of our skin care products that we use in our unique facials. We have blended some of these precious essential oils to capture a little piece of that sensory experience for your enjoyment in your own home.

A luxurious, exotic combination of Brazilian green tangerine and rare Indian pink lotus flower, Space Lift Mist is designed to freshen up every living space, room or car.

Apart from the wonderful scent, the natural essential oils have a calming yet uplifting effect and have the ability to purify the air. This is unlike many fragrances that can actually pollute your air and the environment containing any possible combination of thousands of synthetic chemicals including toxic fixatives that do not require to be listed on the ingredient label. Many of these man-made substances are a menace to our health and that of our planet. As opposed to these often heavy and overpowering room perfumes Space Lift Mist has a light, subtle, exquisite character.

Shanti is the translation of "Peace" in the ancient Sanskrit language. We hope this aromatherapy blend will bring peace and joy to your environment.

As a room freshener, spray upwards several times in all directions.
Not intended to be sprayed on surfaces.

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