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1 It's not easy to get face time with Tracie Martyn. The beauty guru's appointment book is crammed with names like Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock, Madonna and Renee Zellweger, all of whom get their glow on with Martyn's Red Carpet and Resculpting Facials. "My treatments are like having mini-lifts without the down time," Martyn says. In addition to cleaning the skin, she aims to firm and contour the jaw, cheekbones and eye area. Mere mortals can join the wait list. Go to

2 Martyn and her partner, the nutritionist Marius Morariu, collaborated on an organic product line. Their latest concoction, Shakti Resculpting Body Cream ($155 at Bergdorf Goodman), "is pure enough to use on areas of your face that you want to tighten and define, such as the jowl and cheekbones,"

3 As a second skin, Martyn loves her client Diane Von Furstenberg's flirty, feminine dresses. "Diane's frocks are easy to dress up or down, and they pack really well." This one's $325 at Diane Von Furstenberg, 874 Washington street.

4 Rosanna Arquette asked Martyn and Morariu to formulate a natural home fragrance or scented candle, so the couple came up with Shanti Space Lift Mist, which contains pure essential oils, including pink lotus and Brazilian green tangerine.

5 According to Martyn, what you ingest is as important as what you apply. "Refined sugar is bad for your health and bad for your skin, I substitute manuka honey from New Zealand, which is delicious and aromatic. It's reputed to have antibacterial properties, so you can apply it to wounds to facilitate healing." From $29 at

6 Her mostly organic diet is supplemented with black-currant oil, acetylcarnitine and silica capsules. "When used topically and ingested in gel-cap form, the black-currant oil can help keep skin hydrated. It's also an anti-inflammatory." She uses acetylcarnitine to promote fat burning and weight loss, andsilica to encourage healthy nails, skin and hair.

7 Martyn supplements her wardrobe with jewelry by another client, Devon Page McCleary. "Each piece is special and unusual, and they all have a spiritual element," she says. These bracelets, made from antique Venetian beads and cognac diamonds, range from $4,000 to $11,200 at Barneys New York.

8 Her side-out beauty philosophy even extends to tea time. "Tulsi tea is soothing and exotic, and I love to sip it whenever I have time to relax," Martyn says. "Also called holy basil, tulsi is known as the queen of herbs in ayurvedic medicine: it helps reduce inflammation associated with aging and disease." $4.99 at Whole Foods.

9 Martyn's Amla Purifying Cleanser contains papaya enzyme, salicylic acid and amla, an Indian gooseberry that's packed with vitamin C. "If you leave it on your face and neck for a few minutes, it instantly brightens and tightens your skin." It's $65 at Barneys New York.

10 The facialist munches on pine nuts between meals to curb her appetite. "They were used in Siberia to help satiate hunger and maintain energy levels on cold winter days," she says. "They're incredibly rich in essential vitamins, amino acids and proteins."

11 She also keeps plenty of pomegranates and persimmons on hand. "Persimmons are full of antioxidants and contain more dietary fiber than apples," she says. "Pomegranates, considered the fruit of immortality by ancient Egyptians, not only contain loads of antioxidants, they also have small amounts of phytoestrogen." You glow, girl.

Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser

Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser

  • Deeply cleanses
  • Gently exfoliates
  • Resurfacing and softening
  • Clarifying and brightening
  • Prevents and addresses breakouts
  • Helps to correct uneven complexions
  • Refreshing aroma-therapeutic effect

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