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It's morning after the Zac Posen party. My face is grey, puffy, jet-lagged and hung over. So how fortuitous that I have an appointment with Tracie Martyn. If you haven't heard of her yet, Tracie (a former make-up artist who worked with the likes of Mario Testino on this very magazine in the 80s) is the face – sculpting magician to the Beautiful. Renee, Bridget Hall and the big model agencies all have Tracie on speed dial (she doesn't just do faces, she magic's away celeb cellulite, too). It was Liv Tyler who told me about the TM phenomenon and she has cheekbones like alabaster wing mirrors, for God's Sake.

Now I have to admit that treatments scare me a little- maybe because I once had a facial so brutish it gave me black eyes. I dislike the clinical interior schemes, the poking, and the squeezing. But I had not yet entered Tracie Martyn world. These rooms are all antique white, with Moroccan flourishes. So I'm relaxing on a vintage sofa, leafing through Tracie's polaroid book of body-resculpting case histories (trembling porridge buttocks all jumping to attention in the 'After' shots), when I set my eyes on Her. Tracie Martyn is a milky-complexioned elfin princess. She's softly spoken and instantly engaging,. In moments, I'm tucked up on her treatment bed and the Resculpting begins. First, a spot of dermabrasion, then massage, oils, and Firming Serum, and the application of Tracie's miraculous Resculptor, which uses an electrical current similar to the frequencies that occur naturally in the body to tone facial muscles. It's a bit like being drawn on with an electric pen, my teeth buzz a little, but it's not unpleasant.

Halfway through, Tracie makes me examine my reflection. She squeegees the side of my face she's treated. It is pert and firm. The flesh on the other side squishes miserably. Treatment over, I look in the mirror. What's this? I, too am milky–complexioned – and look, yes, thinner. My skin is taut around my cheekbones, my shin and eyebrows seem to be asking questions. I feel gorgeous. I feel high. I feel like I've been inducted into a club of special people.

A few weeks have passed now, and my fizzog isn't impersonating Mia Farrow's in Rosemary's baby quite so well (Tracie recommends three sessions in three weeks to get lasting results,), But if I ever had to parade my butt for the delectation of the media, I would book Tracie to resculpt each cheek. This stuff works. Sarah Bailey

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