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"Skincare That Merges Technology with Purity"

Skincare Guru to the Stars - Serenity and Anti-Aging Luxury

Barneys: Who has the most beautiful skin? Gwyneth Paltrow or Renee Zellweger?

Tracie Martyn: Don't be so cheeky! You know I would never discuss my celebrity clients!

Barneys: What is your most marked characteristic - other than being extremely discreet about your celebrity clientele?

Tracie Martyn: I'm very calm. My clients are often insanely busy with special events, films, or photo shoots when they come to see me. I try to balance things out by staying as low-key as possible and calming them down. This is a big part of my mission.

Barneys: What is your most treasured possession?

Tracie Martyn: Marius my boyfriend and partner. He is not really a possession - but we kind of belong to each other if you know what I mean. Marius is the visionary genius behind the Tracie Martyn skincare line. His background is nutrition. He applied that knowledge to the creation of the products. All my clients - not just Madonna - Have a healthy lifestyle so they want skincare that merges technology with purity.

Barneys: Botox pro or con?

Tracie Martyn: Botox is great for people who are looking to avoid surgery. It really works well on the forehead. My Enzyme Exfoliant is great for prolonging the effects of Botox as it contains a natural muscle relaxing amino acid that targets expression lines.

Barneys: What would you like to come back as in your next life?

Tracie Martyn: Coming back? Who said I was coming back! If I was going to come back I'd come back as a goddess, which means, I suppose, that I would not have to come back at all. I hope that answers your question.

Barneys: What is your proudest moment?

Tracie: When I realized that I could help my mum have a better life.

Barneys: What book are you reading at the moment?

Tracie Martyn: Many of my clients are authors. I try to read all their books. But sometimes after a crazy day I just need to pick up a Hello magazine so I can have a good laugh.

Amla Cleanser A fine line reducing cleanser with ayurvedic amla extract, the best source of natural and stabilized vitamin C $65

Firming Serum A moisture enhanced anti-aging treatment containing the natural peptide glutathaione - skin's master antioxidant $185

Enzyme Exfoliant Natural lighteners and the amino acid, gaba, resurface and purify the skin while targeting wrinkles $90

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