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Age Defying Beauty Facial Secret


There's no question that Brad Pitt looks years younger than 41. Now Celebrity Living reveals one of his age defying secrets - Tracie Martyn's Resculpting Facial. Here's how you can get one too!

For years, aesthetician Tracie Martyn's facials were a beauty secret known only to top models and actresses seeking a face-lift without having to go under the knife. English-born Martyn, a makeup artist turned New York City spa maven, has developed a unique "electronic" Resculpting Facial that celebrity fans like Madonna claim they can't live without. When Madonna is in NYC, she hightails it over to Martyn's Fifth Avenue day spa several times a week for the hour-long treatment.

Brad Pitt was Martyn's most recent celebrity client, reportedly popping in on May 30 for the facial, which includes having an electronic current channeled into the facial muscles.

Fans swear that it makes skin look instantly firmer and more radiant. Cost for a facial with Tracie is $460; for one with an associate, it's $325.

Call Ahead!

You'll have to wait about two months for an appointment with Tracie, or you can log onto and order her products to use at home.

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