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Best Face Lifting Facial of New York

Lifting Facial

When it comes to celebrity facials, Tracie Martyn has no competition. When Madonna is in town, she goes three times a week, and Liv Tyler is such a believer, she persuaded her rocker dad to give it a try. Susan Sarandon has been a regular for years, and when Tim Robbins headed for the Oscars this year, he followed her tip. (In fact, Martyn treated five presenters and two winners this year and temporarily set up shop in L.A.) The formula for Martyn's facials (which start at $460) is relatively straightforward but comprehensive. First, a light microdermabrasion, followed by a mild electric current to stimulate and tighten muscles, plus application of LotuSculpt Eye Pads under the eyes; finally, oxygen and vitamin serum to impart a fresh glow. One caveat: The effects are so dramatic, your friends may think you've had a face-lift.

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