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{infolayer}Bazaar November 2009
Tina Fey
Tracie Martyn
Kate Winslet
Complexion Perfection
in Special Best Beauty
"I use the Amber LED light to inhibit MMP enzymes, which degrade collagen and elastin, and to improve elasticity. owner of eponymous New York city spa that sees stars like Kate Winslet. For best firming results, she combines this with her exclusive mild-current facial, the Resculpting

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Super Star Facialist on Oprah

Age-Defying Facials

Tracie Martyn, known "The Facialist to the Stars," says that sometimes a facial can change a client's face in just minutes. Oprah Said that after her Tracie Martyn Facial, she could see the difference in a half hour!

A Zing in Your Facial

After cleansing and exfoliating the skin, Tracie uses a technique that uses an electric current to help reduce the puffiness and shorten and strengthen the muscles. The re-sculpting machine works directly into the puffiness and helps to drain excess fluid. Tracie says this results in really being able to see the definition again in their jaw line. "It really energizes the skin and brings in the circulation, so the skin will look better after the treatment," Tracie says. The results should last about 10 days. Tracie recommends three treatments in the first month, and one treatment per month thereafter. For more information, visit

Simplify Your Routine

A lot of us tend to go crazy on the skin and facial products. In the end, our face is confused! Tracie says there are four staples to take the best care of your face at home:

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