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Bazaar November 2009
Tina Fey
Tracie Martyn
Kate Winslet
Complexion Perfection
in Special Best Beauty
"I use the Amber LED light to inhibit MMP enzymes, which degrade collagen and elastin, and to improve elasticity. owner of eponymous New York city spa that sees stars like Kate Winslet. For best firming results, she combines this with her exclusive mild-current facial, the Resculpting

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Vanity Fair Fanfair
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Beauty Talk

Kate Winslet

The 33-year-old shares her low-maintenance beauty routine

Shakti Body Cream
Tracie Martyn
Shakti® Resculpting Body Cream™

How has your look changed over the years?

Honestly, when I see old photographs of myself I don’t look like the same person. If I didn’t know myself, I’d swear I had plastic surgery. Even my nose looks different now.

So, do you want to set the record straight?

I would never do anything to alter my face. I have Resculpting Facials® and Resculpting Body Treatments® at Tracie Martyn.

– Patricia Tortolani

Kate Winslet's Skin Care Obsession

“I use Shakti® Resculpting Body Cream™ every day, all over my body. It truly is incredible.”

“I look a hell of a lot better now than I did when I was in my 20’s.”


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